Convertkit: The best email marketing system for my brain AND my biz

Email marketing means you need software–which can be tricky for a lot of creatives. These email marketing systems practically require you to be tech-savvy and not all entrepreneurs falls in that boat. So having an intuitive email marketing system that actually works the way you think can be an epic biz changer. After looking into a lot of email managers email marketing with ConvertKit is the best system for my brain AND my biz.

Before I made the switch to ConvertKit, I was “using” a free MailChimp account. By using I mean I had an account and some emails. But because it was so awkward to use, I never sent anything. Now I am an extremely tech-savvy person, so if a system is complicated to me…something is seriously wrong.

I have used Flodesk on and off for the better part of two years and every time I end up coming back to Convertkit because the system is THAT easy to use and intuitive. To be clear–there is nothing wrong with Flodesk. I am just extremally particular about segmenting information, and automations and Flodesk just doesn’t bring that for me.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite features. (Plus you can snag a free trial using my affiliate link!)

Visual Automations make sure that when people enter you list they get what they need.

Visual automations are how you connect people who subscribe to your email list with the specific information you want them to receive. it is also one of the ways you segment and tag your audience automatically which is an essential piece of email marketing. With Convertkit this entire process becomes so much easier to do these actions. The interfaces helps you decide the next best step and allows you to edit sequences, and forms right in the automations screen.

The automations in Flodesk were one of my biggest pet peeves and why I once again went running to ConvertKit. I was trying to automate some tagging based on link clicks in the Flodesk workflow and the two logic functions weren’t connecting once complete. That’s not the case with Convertkit–I am happy to report. You can segment for a specific tag in a section of your workflow and after that action is complete the future actions combine to the whole automation–if you wan them to that is! This is the key to making email marketing easy and intuitive.

New blog post? Great–ConvertKit can automate a newsletter for you with the help of RSS!

Sending out weekly blog updates has never been so easy with ConvertKit’s automated RSS broadcasts feature. With a couple of clicks, every Monday my readers get a digest of the past few blog posts. Plus, I can edit when they receive it and change up the template to make it more intriguing!

Talk about time saving!

Always us the best subject for your newletter with A/B testing

Let’s be real not all subject lines are intriguing and in order for your email marketing to be sucessful you need to know what your audience likes. But we can’t really know what they like without testing. With the automated A/B testing from ConvertKit, I can set two different subject lines to an email and ConvertKit will determine will test a small portion of my email list, see which subject was more successful and send the rest of my list and email using the most eye-catching subject line!

Opt-in Forms that function and look amazing with the help of CSS

Creating eye-catching forms and landing pages is super easy and very customizable, especially if you know how to use CSS. Convertkit will even host your landing page for you, so if you are still working on creating your bomb dot com website, you can still start collecting emails from potential customers. Opt-in forms are able to send incentive emails or redirect to a special page on your site, so those freebies and opt-ins are never a problem to send. You can even integrate a little CSS magic to help really make your brand pop!

Let me skip to the good part...

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