The Basic Shit: Managed WordPress Hosting

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Perfect for entrepreneurs who just wants the basic shit you need to have one kickass WordPress website. Free from complicated coding, flexible to design what they want, and collect all the information they need. Because you can do it all (with enough google searching atleast) but it’s just now where you want to spend your valuable time anymore. The Basic Shit: Managed WordPress plan is exactly what you need! By combining must-have Premium Plugins with amazing an amazing website host you’ll get exactly the tools you need to rock your customer’s socks off!

PUT DOWN THE GOOGLE SEARCH-- Managed WordPress Hosting is here!

You’ve spent what feels like years of your life googling and youtubing how to inject code to bring your brand into focus. But at the end of the day–the confines of your cookie-cutter website builder are makeing you consider WordPress. You know that WordPress equals the freedom you want to creat the site of your dreams. BUT you also know that WordPress equals a lot of behind the scenes tech. And although with enought searching you could do it. That’s not where you want to spend your limited time and energy. What you really need is a managed WordPress hosting plan that…

🧞‍♀️Your wordpress hosting wish is our command! 🧞‍♀️

We heard so many biz owners asking for the sames things. So frustrated with their website platforms and asking if there was better (and often times less expensive) hosting solution. Loving the flexibility of WordPress like we do--we decided to build a solution to help you!

**Your managed wordpress website site will be ready for you to login and customize within 5 business days of subscribing AND recieving your site completed site quesionaire.

The Basic Shit: Managed WordPress Hosting

We know that setting up WordPress can offer overwhelming. Too many plugins, and not sure the safe or needed ones. Which leads to an overwhelming case of decision fatique. That's why we've taken that part ooff your hands with our Managed WordPress Hosting.

Our team will setup your WordPress Install, equip it with the essential shit. Like Yoast for SEO, and Google Site Kit. THEN to make sure you have all the functionality you deserve we'll load in our PRO Plugins.

Unlock your sites potential with these premium plugins

Elementor Pro

Sure--WordPress Gutenburg has brought a ton of capabilities to a basic WordPress install. But it's not necessarily easy for all. That's why we've included access to Elementor Pro. A front end view, drag and drop builder to help unlock your creativity. Choose from any of the Templates in the library to get you started OR start from scratch!

WPForms Pro

Let's be real--collecting information is the backbone of any business. With WPForms--you get to create forms however you need them. AND connect the to whatever you need. BONUS: With WPForms Pro, you'll also be able to design and implement unlimited surveys and buzzfeed like quizes!

FontAweoms Pro

Icons are a huge way to help bring character to your website without the size requirements of images. Which is why we've included FontAwesome Pro in this plan. Choose from a giant collection of icons, in various styles. And yes--they have all the nerdy options.

**Your MANAGED WORDPRESS WEBSITE site will be ready for you to login and customize within 5 business days of subscribing AND recieving your site completed site quesionaire.

not quite, all the shit you need for your expanding biz?

Lucky for you, we've built a managed wordpress hosting plan that includes all the shit you need to build affiliate programs, online course, and more!

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