Landing Pages that Rock Workshop

Lincoln, NE


Learn how to create a strategic and impactful social landing page that works FOR you–not against you in this 3 hour masterclass. This hands-on experience means you’ll leave with the know-how needed to really amazing social landing page AND the actual page to implement on all your social accounts.


Seriously–services like LinkInBio, LinkTree, Tap.Bio, Shorby and the like–aren’t actually doing much for you other than taking all that amazing SEO attention from your business! You see the more traffic a site has the more important it is in the eyes of the SEO Gods. As people click on your bio link–you know the one that lives on LinkTree or the likes–they are actually giving all that SEO goodness to that company.

HELL NO–amiright?! It’s time to claim all that SEO love for yourself and build a social landing page on your own website. It may sound complicated–but it doesn’t have to be.

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“Where did I go wrong?! 😭

People click my social bio link but nothing’s happening!”

Oh friend–those services I mentioned up there☝️they get the job done–but they don’t help you understand the marketing behind the landing page. Without a strategy behind the structure and setup of the social landing page–well–it’s not doing shit! Your landing pages and sites should do more than just take up space on the internet and it’s time to make sure that’s the case!

That’s why during this masterclass on social landing pages you will learn:

⚡Knowledge is power–think of this masterclass as the lightning bolt that powered Frankenstein's monster! ⚡

(Select the Session that works best for you + hit add to cart!

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