Canva for the Not-So-Graphically Inclined

Lincoln, NE


Learn how to better utilize your brand’s visual guidelines inside your own Canva account–in this 3 hour masterclass. This hands-on experience means you’ll leave with the know-how needed to create totally on brand assets AND the Canva Templates to start implementing in your marketing.

It’s easy–they say. Canva is intuitive–they say.

Then why do you feel like a toddler at craft time with too many noodles leftover and tempera paint all over your head!

Sure there aren’t requirements on HOW many noodles you needed to use, or where the paint should go–but it just doesn’t feel like anything landed in the right place. Design and artisticness are NOT in you deck of cards and as much as you’d love to outsource the graphics, that’s not in the cards either.

Your business needs you to do the graphics (for now) and you want to feel confident that the designs getting put out into the world don’t fall under the Canva Curse. Yet you still need them to resonate with your ideal client/customer!

Ready to get Canva Confident??
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Your Canva account has #allthethings in a mechanical systemic sense. You have the right sized templates, you may even have your brand colors, and fonts uploaded. But when it comes to making something unique to your brand that resonates with your ideal client your anxiety sets in.

I get it–really I do! It’s like when I help my kiddo with his legos (not that he needs it!) but I can sort the pieces, match them to the picture–but when left to my own devices even with step by step instructions there are too many pieces left over in the end.

That’s why during this masterclass masterclass on understanding how YOU can better use Canva we'll cover:

Ready to shake the curse of Canva Templates and Design your own unique assets?

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