Stop pulling pricing out your ass and hoping it'll be profitable.

This 90-minute workshop is designed to provide you the foundational knowledge and formulas you need to price your offerings in a strategic AND profitable way.

Everyone has had a pricing problem at some point.

Not saying you're not special. Just saying this is absolutely normal.

When you start your business, pricing is more like Cinderella’s fairy godmother when she finally finds her wand–you pull them out of thin air. With little to no data to work with–there’s not much you can do but guess on pricing.. But as time progresses guessing turns into strategy, facts and formulas. Or does it? For some business owners, strategic pricing never happens. Guessing becomes comfortable, and just hoping you have profitable pricing becomes better than facing the anxiety of knowing if it is or isn’t.

Well, that BS people are feeding you feels icky because what traditional sales talks about really prevents you from tailoring the experience for your client. And you LOVE your clients. So let’s detangle your current experience, and design something that makes you AND your client feel the love. Sound familiar?

Is this workshop for you?

Odds are if you're breathing and own a business--yes.

There are a lot of reasons this course is important for all business owners. But if you’re like me, you might just need a oddly specific sign from a complete stranger for the message to really hit home. So here are several scenarios business owners find themselves in that are the perfect fit for this class.

Whatever scenario is preventing you from changing your pricing, it's worth the chance to see what profitability is possible with your pricing.

During workshop You’ll build your Profitable Pricing Knowledge in these areas.

Pricing Basics

These are the things that we know we “should” be tracking. Expenses in and out of your business and all the time it takes to make your products and/or serve your clients

The Pieces Everyone Forgets

There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to pricing. So we’ll dig into where time blindness is affecting your estimates, and all those invisible expenses you’ve never thought of.

The Tools to Make This Easy(ish) |

There is no reason to make your life overly complicated. The same thing goes with profitable pricing–so we’ll talk about trackers, planners, and calculators.

Don't keep sweeping your pricing problems under the rug!

When we're in business there is always another "crisis" that is gonna pop up and make things complicated. But there are somethings that help minimize the impacts of those crises. And one of those is profitable pricing. You may not be ready to physically change your prices yet. But right now may be the moment where you give yourself permission to gain the knowledge you need to profitably price your offerings in the future.

You can do this. Reserve Your Seat