because dreading your clients means it's time to got out and find your people

Let go of the dread and resentment of working with clients who are totally wrong for you. Learn how to identify and attract the clients who fill your cup and value what you provide in this 90-minute workshop

Which one's the truth.

1. You have to take whatever clients come your way--no matter what.

2. You get to be selective about your clients and find people who value you.

You and I both know that in the beginning stages of starting a busness its' more of a throw it on the wall and see what sticks kind of thing. And that's across the board, pricing, content, products, everything. And a lot of that is because when you are starting out you really don't know who you want to work with. And eventually you hit a wall. The wall of suck.

Which is where you are now (or at least I'm assuming you are since you're here 😉.) And now you're pulling your hair out. Just dreading your work and putting it off to last minute (even more than before.) Maybe even having a panic attack everytime the phone rings or a new email pops into your inbox. You want to not hate your work--you want to love your clients. Sound like something you've been feeling?

Is this workshop for you?

Odds are if you're hiding from your clients--yes.

Well knowing your ideal client is the foundation of every business. Every single piece of marketing, product development, experience–everything stems from the ideal client. But if you’re still not sure, here are some more concrete scenarios business owners, who are perfect for this workshop find themselves entangled.

Whatever scenario is preventing you from growing your biz, it's worth the chance to see what your ideal client could be.

During workshop You’ll build your ideal client Knowledge in these areas.

What is an ideal client

Every business has a perfect person who buys up everything. We'll cover why this information is important and where in our businesses this information is relevent. (Hint: It's everywhere.)

Delving deep into the ideal client

There's more than just the shallow, they like gold accents or succulant plants. We've got to really dig into how the ideal client thinks, feels and walks around. We'll delve into how this information can be used to grow your business.

Implementation Strategies

You can't just know your ideal cient and find that "poof" your business struggles are all fixed. There are a lot of places withing your business that you've got to make changes. We'll discuss all those areas and cover different strategies and next steps now that you have this new ideal client information.

Don't keep ignoring what's right in front of your nose

When we're in business there is always another "crisis" that is gonna pop up and make things complicated. But knowing who you WANT to serve, and avoiding those people who drain your life force out of your body--is gonna help avoid those crisis. And one of those is knowing and understanding your ideal client.

You may not be ready to change your offerings, create new marketing funnels yet. But right now may be the moment where you give yourself permission to gain the knowledge you need to change who you work with, and bring some happiness back into your business.

You can do this. Reserve Your Seat