Get realistic about your content creation during this 90-minute workshop where you'll gain the tools and knowledge to build a unique to you content creation system that is just perfect for you.

I love creating content for my buiness.

Said no business owner doing all the things themselves. Not ever.

In the beginning stages of business (heck, even further along while still doing most of it yourself stages), content creation is probably the last thing on your mind.

You're more likely to be doing things like

  • being the only person to work the front counter
  • late nights with little sleep working on client work
  • wondering if building content is worth your time
  • let's not forget those chef's kiss moments of "I'm the only person that can do all the things in the business."

    Your business buddies have talked about content creation. You've heard all those biz "gurus" say that content creation is important. You may have even dabbled in social media, or blogging. But it all felt like a waste of time for the amount of effort required. Sound familiar?
  • Is this workshop for you?

    Odds are if you're a frustrated business owner--yes.

    When it comes to content creation there are a million and one reasons to convince yourself this workshop is NOT for you. But there are also a million and one reasons why this workshop is exactly where you need to be. So here are several scenarios business owners find themselves in that are the perfect fit for this class.

    Whatever scenario is preventing you from creating content, it's worth the chance to see what growth is possible with strategic content.

    During workshop You’ll build your content creation Knowledge in these areas.

    content Basics

    You can plan strategic content, if you don't even know what "content" is--amirght?! We'll walk through the various types of content and see which ones would be best for you.

    Timeing & Systems

    Knowing where you "should" be spending time is all good and dandy--but finding time to implement content creation strategies is the big deal. We'll cover ways to create, reuse, and implent these content strategies.

    The Tools to Make This Easy(ish)

    There is no reason to make your life overly complicated. The same thing goes with implementing content creation strategies–so we’ll talk about ways to organize, build, and schedule content ahead of time.

    Stop preteding content won't help grow your business.

    At some point the fountain of leads that's been working so well up until now will finally run dry. And you'll need something on your back burner waiting to take the spotlight. Content creation is one of the tools that will help you develop that new back burner. This isn't like your pringles. There is no once you pop the fun leads won't stop.

    Content is more like a extended release pill. You have to take it when the pain starts, so it can actually keep exctutiating pain at bay. So don't give up on content before you ever give it a chance.

    You can do this. Reserve Your Seat