does figuring out all the businessy stuff have you running for the double stuffs?

Then put down the oreos (after you've had three of course!) and check out our local masterclasses, filled to the brim with tailored-to-you cookie-cutter free strategy and tools you can use as soon as you're ready.

Because being a business owner doesn't mean you know all the things that running a business requires.

An iPad sitting horizontilly shows a google spreadsheets that depicts a blog management tool created by Brand Strategist Molly Hicks, and it is filled with proposed, scheduled, and published blog infomration as well as links to specific blog drafts, and published URLs.

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Demystify your Content Marketing

May 26th 2023 at 10am
Lincoln, NE | Catalyst Lab-Haymarket

Not gonna lie--the umbrella that is conent marketing is one giant MF. But all the complicated strategies and contradicted "trickes" you see online do not have to be a part of your Content Marketing Plan. During this 3-hour masterclass we'll get started demystifying your content marketing, and helping more people find you business

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Raise your hand if the business-y side of running a biz makes you shut down

You’ve tried watching, reading, listening, everything to help you know HOW to make the business-y stuff easier–but that just leads to more overwhelm. The more people say words like, “API, Zapier, Dubsado, ConvertKit”--you want to find a pillow and scream. As a global thinker and a hands-on learner–most classes don’t give you what you need. They give basic understandings with zero practical application. And questions–they only ever seem to keep things super vague and unhelpful.

You need to understand why things need to connect in specific ways for your specific business, and see how that looks in order for it all to make sense in your big beautiful brain. If only there was a class that not only told you why certain things are important, but how they work in relation to your unique business, walked you through actually doing the thing and allowed you to ask questions.

That’s exactly what our Masterclasses are all about–check them out!👇👇