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if the business-y side of running a biz makes you shut down

You’ve tried watching, reading, listening, everything to help you know HOW to make the business-y stuff easier. But that's just leading to more overwhelm. The more people say words like, “API, Zapier, Dubsado, ConvertKit”--you want to find a pillow and scream. As a global thinker and a hands-on learner–most classes don’t give you what you need. They give basic understandings with zero practical application. And questions–they only ever seem to keep things super vague and unhelpful.

You need to understand why things need to connect in specific ways for your specific business, and see how that looks in order for it all to make sense in your big beautiful brain. If only there was a class that not only told you why certain things are important, but how they work in relation to your unique business, walked you through actually doing the thing and allowed you to ask questions.

That’s exactly what our WORKSHOPs are all about–check them out!👇👇

Pricing can be a very emotional process for a lot of people. But when it comes to profitable pricing--emotion is the last things you want taking control. This workshop specifically helps bring logic to your pricing conversation.

There may be 8 billion people in this world--but I know you don't want to work with every one of them. But who DO you want to work with? Do you know? This workshop will help you begin (or continue) your journey to find your people.

Content Creation Made Easy(ish)

The most common sticking point I hear from biz owners is developing content. Overthinking content is a never ending game of freeze tag--and you're frozen. This workshop helps you learn where to focus your energy, and kick start developing a strategic content plan that is specific to your biz.

Does thinking about biz stuff have you running for the double stuffs?

Been there my friend. But if that's truly where you're at, then it might be time to find a business support human to help you through the tears and the celebrations of makeing your biz grow. (Oreos optional!)