Graphic that says, "Make Shit Happen Hour" To emphasise the title, the I has a shit emoji instead of a dot.

Take your DIY Entrepreneur Life from Copy/Paste Hell to seeing your business unlock it’s massive potential with snack-sized (and totally customized to you) business strategy

Alone, getting from Point A to Z feels overwhelming. Together, we’ll make you unstoppable.

Does your Biz feel more 😫 than 🥳?

There you are, staring at that screen, making canva graphics, changing the layout of your flodesk emails,  scrolling through tik tok and reels (cause those “I’m fine” ones are hilarious), pretty much anything to fill up your work day EXCEPT client work. Because your brain can’t stand the dopamine drain that is working with your clients right now.

Forkin’ shitballs! You can’t believe you just said that! **tears start to flow** You really want to grow your biz and feel the passion that you once had, but it’s just. Not. there. 

You’re wondering what’s wrong with you, the self-doubt grows and the mean little voices in your head show up gaslighting the hell out of you…

  • You need to work more!
  • You’re not focused enough!
  • You’re never gonna make it as an entrepreneur!

none of those things are true

You have to tell those voices to shut up, because…

But the reality of the situation is the connection to your biz has fizzled, because you were doing so much to appease the business gods, that you left that part of the biz - the part that actually matters to you AND your clients - you loved behind.

Hey Google,

[Question to solve your business woes]?

Turning to google to solve #allthethings is probably your gut reaction to find a way and “fix” whatever’s wrong. But it probably will just add fuel to the fire, because none of that advice is tailored to the way you think, the people and actions within your biz that fill you up, and those big dreamy goals you have for yourself and your business.

You know you need help finding the best next steps for you but you just googled a brand strategist and that price tag gave you crazy vertigo

You know that what you’re doing isn’t working but you’ve exhausted all your resources and googling things obviously isn’t getting you anywhere

Your thought about hiring a Virtual Assistant but the reality is you don’t even know what to tell them to do, because this business...isn’t what you thought it would be

You’re tempted to just give up the whole thing because you’re exhausted and emotionally drained but parts of you seem to be holding on still

What if I told you that you could get tailored and customized solutions to all your business woes in just 15-minute bite sized strategy snacks?

Stop Gaslighting yourself,

and move on to a whole new realm of business.

You see, the truth of the matter is no two businesses are alike.

Vague advice with no personalized expertise attached ( like what you typically get from Google or the 500 $19.99 workshops you could invest in???) leaves entrepreneurs like yourself making decisions that compromise your integrity. 

When advice makes you walk away from your integrity... it's bad advice

There is so much grey area in life and business. And while you are in the DIY stages of our life it feels like the copy/paste solutions, that don’t feel like you, and regurgitating what other entrepreneurs are doing is the only way forward, but that’s not the case at all. (it’s the opposite really!)

After working with my one-on-one clients, and the members inside the intentionally brave entrepreneurs program I realized that there was a huge gap in the availability of quality tailored business strategy to people still in the DIY stages of business. And if we’re being honest, a majority of entrepreneurs are still in that copy/paste biz building mode because they don’t know what else to do and the price tag of a strategist makes them want to vomit.

Well, that’s about to change because now there’s

Graphic that says, "Make Shit Happen Hour" To emphasise the title, the I has a shit emoji instead of a dot.

A Premium Membership Program that puts tailored biz strategy at your fingertips with monthly 90-minute group strategy calls where you get next-steps and the community to keep you accountable and make shit happen.

Tailored Advice

Feel confident knowing that every piece of business strategy and advice is from an experienced brand strategist and graphic designer who takes you, your ideal client and your unique business goals in mind.

Tools to Make It Happen

Feel confident knowing that every piece of business strategy and advice is from an experienced brand strategist and graphic designer who takes you, your ideal client and your unique business goals in mind.


Feel confident knowing that every piece of business strategy and advice is from an experienced brand strategist and graphic designer who takes you, your ideal client and your unique business goals in mind.

Does it feel like the next steps are all jumbled up?

Up until now has it felt like you've been using jumbled up pages of MapQuest directions circa 1995?

Look, at it’s prime MapQuestmapquest was a godsend to non-map reading people everywhere, that is until they mixed up the pages to their cross-country road trip and had directions for Nevada and New York next to each other.

That’s essentially what happens when we copy/paste our businesses with zero tailoring to our business. An email sequence from a google search here a sales page from a random source there, and voila a cosmic shitstorm?

What to expect...

Sessions will be 1:30 pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.
Join the Meet

Every other week for 90 minutes, we’ll come together in google meet. Whoever shows up will get a moment in the spotlight to talk all about their biz life.

We’ll only ever have 8 people at each session, so as more members join, more session options will pop-on the calendar. That also means if you’re the only one that can make it that week, you just got a 1:1 session! SA-WEET!

Soak that shit up

You’ll get at least 15-minutes of my undivided attention where I’ll help you find strategic solutions to help you move through the yuck and into mic-drop worthy parts of running your biz.

Outside your laser-focused moment in the spotlight, you’ll be able to soak up the advice of other biz owners. Sometimes their golden nuggets of advice will apply to you too!

Move Forward

Since we're recording everything for you to review later (if you want of course) you'll get access to video, and audio file and transcript of the session. As well as a summary of your specific strategy takeaways.

Not to mention I'll check-in with you throughout the month. If you’re ever feeling stuck we’ll dig into what’s happening and find a way forward.

Don’t believe results can happen in snack-sized increments?

See what this kick-ass entrepreneur have to say on the subject...


Wondering what kind of support you can expect during your 15-minutes of laser focused attention inside the Make Shit Happen Membership? Check out these examples of tangible strategy and tools we've done for Make Shit Happen Hour members in the past.

and so much more!

But before you invest your rare-to-find time and hard earned virtual dollar bills, you want to make sure.—like really, really sure—this membership is the right fit for you.

I totally understand that...I do the same thing.

Just like dry red wine, this membership (and my take on business for that matter) is not for everyone...which is just the way I designed it.

You see, this membership works for entrepreneurs who are…

Are you that entrepreneur?

Hey, this may not be a match made in heaven. If the description above doesn't relate to you. No hard feelings! There are tons of amazing business coaches and strategists that may be more your kinda people.

Still on the fence and feeling unsure? Let me clarify.

This membership is not for entrepreneurs who...

If you made it this far and are thinking, ‘yes...I think I like this human on the other side of the screen, but I just. don’t know. I encourage you to look inside yourself and ask...what’s the worst that could happen?” Sign up and see how it feels for a month or two, and see what’s possible for yourself.

Still sitting on the fence about joining

Graphic that says, "Make Shit Happen Hour" To emphasise the title, the I has a shit emoji instead of a dot.

Let me guess, those “biz gods” on social media that you see with those giant followings, and “perfect” lives told you that you have to hire a team in order to grow. I hate to break it to you, but they don’t know anything about your business. So how would they know what needs to be adjusted?!

I mean think about it...

Your business has made it this far with copy/paste, even if it’s not ideal. You know that you can do the behind the scenes biz shit if you have to. It’s the hustle and shoveling of shitty tasks that is tearing your soul apart.

Look, I know you’ve reviewed that ma-hoo-sive google sheet monitoring all the money going in (and all the money going out.)

You see that hiring a team is not gonna happen...well at least not this year.

You're proud of your decision to not hire a whole team yet, (and I am too BT-Dubs!) Spending money that doesn’t exist just feels like the right decision for you.
But that still leaves you trying to figure out if this **gestures to entire sales page** is the right investment for you. I can’t answer that for you, because it’s a decision only you can make. But I’m a huge fan of educated decisions and getting the most value for my investments. So here’s a breakdown of what you could save by joining.

Virtual Assistants

who aren’t flakey and are total power houses are right around $50 an hour, but finding ones that can do all the things so you don’t need more people are HARD to find.

Copywriters and Webpage designers

who know their shit start at $5000 per project, and don’t forget you’d need both to launch what you're building

Social Media Managers

are roughly $50-75 an hour and they typically need 20 hours a month at a minimum to do it right

Business Coaches + Brand Strategists

who work 1:1 with clients cost roughly $300 per hour, and that’ s per hour they are working, not hours you are with them.

I share all this to disappoint or make you frustrated

I want you to have numbers to work the math on your own.

Because when you join the Make Shit Happen Hour, you get all of those skills at your disposal. Your time in the spotlight is whatever you need, it’s not uncommon for me to hook up Calendly to a website, make tweaks to a landing page, or help a person segment their email audience. And you’ll get all that for $195 per month. So you tell me...is this worth the investment for you and your biz?

Questions your might be asking

The only thing that can promise business growth is your commitment to always have an open mind, a willingness to try new things and always show up in a way that resonates with your integrity. 

The only thing I can promise is that if you are willing to show up and be an active participant in this membership that things WILL change for the better. But only you can decide what that will look like for yourself.

That’s an amazing question and it all depends on the person. I don’t believe in cookie-cutter strategy and that includes accountability.

or some members it may be a form to fill out, for others it may be an email check-in. When you sign up you will recieve a questionnaire that goes over your unique way of processing information and how you learn. From there we will agree on an accountability plan that works best for you.

Oh fuck no! 

The type of person (open, honest, ready to make shit happen) is way more important than the type of entrepreneur. 

Yes! This is the plan. 

With every 8-12 active participants that  enroll in the Make Shit Happen Hour, we will add a new session to the membership calendar. 

And don’t worry! We’ll poll the group to find best times that work for as many members as possible.

We have found that 8 members seems to be the max amount of people per session. Otherwise we can’t dig in quite as much. 

So because we want this number small, we’ll continue to add session times as more active members join.

They most certainly are! 

Within 24 hours of each session we will send an email to all members with the recordings. Even if you aren’t able to join live, watching the replay can be greatly beneficial.

Well let’s hope that doesn’t happen because I am a weenie when I’m sick.

But IF I am, I will arrange for another entrepreneur to take my place (probably Sabra as she is as close to me as humanly possible when it comes to strategy brains.)

Oh that’s an open eneded question that I could talk about for…well…a long fucking time. LOL!

Here’s a list of things people typically like to ask:

  • Blog Ideas
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Sales Page Copy Review
  • Landing Page Design Ideas
  • Canva templates
  • How to read analytics reports
  • SEO Optimization Strategy
  • Lead Generation Ideas
  • Client Experience Design
  • Workflow + Systems Strategy
  • Dubsado Setup
  • Brand Strategy
  • Course Mapouts
  • Copywriting help
  • Zapier Connections

The list just keeps going!

One thing I have seen in both group and 1:1 coaching is that seeing others get to work in their business is a huge motivator. 

Sometimes we don’t know the questions we need to ask to help our businesses and by being present for other entrepreneurs’ journeys we have the opportunity to learn and grow that much faster.

Make Shit Happen Hour happens on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 11am CST. Once enrolled, you will be added to our Meeting Calendar with all the meetings for the year. At times due to kiddos and school, illenss, or various unexpected reasons meetings may be rescheduled and you will be notified via the Calendar and Marco Polo.

Complete the form below to start your membership!

Graphic that says, "Make Shit Happen Hour" To emphasise the title, the I has a shit emoji instead of a dot.

Price: $195.00
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