Because Clarity doesn’t come from a Box

Strategy without Coaching will cause overwhelm. Coaching without strategy will leave you stranded.

How many times have you been on TikTok or LinkedIn and wondered…why doesn’t anyone’s business advice make sense?! Or maybe you bought into coaching or business education courses just to feel burned, and defeated because the promised results just never come true? That’s because they’re trying to shove you into their very specific box they label success.

The amount of times that I have discovery calls with people in this exact scenario is astounding. Well intentioned coaches learn from their well intentioned coaches that people have to conform to the program with ZERO room for flexibility. Zero room for the humanity of their clients. Zero room for their unique business.

That’s the reason all of our strategy options combine both the power of coaching to help you understand yourself, your clients, and your business with the logic of strategy to make growth and sustainability happen. This isn’t one of those, “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” scenarios. You get to build exactly what you need to operate.

Courses and Templates

Everyone needs a jumping off point–and these business classes for neurodivergent entrepreneurs is just that. Teaching foundational business strategy, like pricing, marketing, client experience and more–you’re bound to find a way forward that’s right for you.

Group Strategy

Not everyone’s ready to commit to a 1:1 strategy solution–and group strategy offers a great alternative without compromising the result. The Make Shit Happen Hour has helped many entrepreneurs find clarity, and growth in themselves and their business.

One-on-One Strategy

This is a solution for the entrepreneur who is ready to go all in and invest in themselves and their business. Whether group situations are a total turn off, or they just want more growth now–these one-on-one strategy options are the perfect solution.

Being a Neurodivergent Entrepreneur means that

your brain doesn’t like boxes.

And as much as you might love cats, your brain definitely is not one of these box loving felines.

If there’s one thing you can count on from neurodivergent folks it’s that each and every one of us is unique, but we are all extremely passionate about our thing. Many times as an entrepreneur your passion will be your business. But just like your stims, triggers, and sensory needs change–your passion in your business will too. It is imperative that you work with people who understand that 100%.

As a neurodivergent human myself–I know from experience that being shoved in a box is the quickest way to a complete system shutdown. It’s almost like the blue screen of death. Sometimes it’s a one time thing, and a quick reboot will bring the system back up. But other times–it’s a shit ton more work to get things back up and running again.

In business, and in life I can’t promise much

–but I can promise to never shove you in a box to make you something you aren’t.

If you’re not sure what strategy option is the right solution for you at this point on your journey, let’s chat. Together we’ll figure out where you need to be (even if that means not with me.)