How to prep for a rebrand

Have you ever looked at your insta feed or website and wondered how the hell did your brand become synonymous with whatever the hell **waves at branding**  this is? Everytime you look at it–it feels off. Something isn’t quite right and you need to know why. You’ve heard the term

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Map out your client experience guide open to a page with a worksheet on how to optimize your business workflows

Your Sales Funnel isn’t working–and here’s why!

There is a serious flaw running rampant in the marketing world–and it’s hurting small businesses left and right. Sales Funnels. Now before you click off and determine I’ve gone batshit crazy–here me out. The concept of sorting through leads and helping them through your product line–that IS a thing. The

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Neutrality in Business is a myth

Neutrality in Business: MYTH BUSTED!

Your brand isn’t just a cold mechanic money making business with no heart. I mean do you make money? I certainly hope so, but it’s MORE than a money maker. It’s a small business filled with passion and values that are represented is a representation of what you want to

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