Sabra Gilbert, Badass Virtual Assistant Rebrand

Rebranding Done Right: Sabra Gilbert’s Magical Rebrand

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Back in 2019 Sabra and I got together for our annual strategic biz goal mapping session and it definitely did not go the way Sabra thought it would. What she thought was going to be a strategic mapping of pricing increases, niching down on ideal client and just some fun times with her client/biz bud turned into a biz coaching session and a new found goal of totally rebranding her business.

You see while her and I sat there discussing how our businesses and changed (me having just launched mollyhicks.com and her realizing she was a total badass virtual assistant) she realized that not only had she grown over the past year, but she nor her clients resonated with her brand AND the website wasn’t really…well working.

After looking at her site, I knew what needed to happen. Her brand needed an overhaul that not only talked to who Sabra was and what she brought to the table, but she needed a brand, website and brand voice that connected to her ideal client’s soul. And that’s what we did.

You don’t know what direction you want your brand to go until you see it.

When it comes to her clients, Sabra is amazing at analyzing and assessing how to connect with their ideal client and implementing all the things they need to build their business. But when it came to her own brand…well that’s forking hard! So when I put together her brand proposal I focused on several key things that I knew her ideal client craves. You see Sabra helps, mompreneurs who want to be there for all the family miles stones AND run an awesome biz empire that stand for something more. So I keyed in on colors that were calming, and cohesive while balancing high-touch class and the casual yoga-pant wearing mom-life. See for yourself.

The end result ended up being a mix of several elements from each the boards. And thanks to Haute Stock I was able to help Sabra up level her stock photo library also! (Yay for high quality photos that invoke the perfect emotions right?!) As you see we fully leaned into the idea of Sabra being a BA VA, aka a bad ass virtual assistant! We also totally overhauled her website experience, website copy.

The Final Look for this Bad Ass Virtual Assistant’s Rebrand

Let me skip to the good part...

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