How to prep for a rebrand

Have you ever looked at your insta feed or website and wondered how the hell did your brand become synonymous with whatever the hell **waves at branding**  this is? Everytime you look at it–it feels off. Something isn’t quite right and you need to know why. You’ve heard the term

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Molly Hicks, brand strategist and graphic designer

The top 5 things you need to know about brand identity.

My brand identity is often over simplified into two things, fonts and colors. When we simplify a brand down to those two things, we are missing so much of the science of business, the logic. All the beauty and creativity that happens in order to have a brand that actually

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Working Mom Life: A Guide to Making it Easier

Working Mom Life: A Guide to Making It Easier

When it comes to running a business full time, being a mom, and being a partner in a relationship, there are a lot of hats, a lot of stress, and never enough time in the day. Being a working mom isn’t the easiest thing in the world. I have done some

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