Running a virtual business during a holidays

Black decorative scissors sitting on white wrapping paper next to ornaments and ribbon waiting to wrap ecommerce business purchase

Whew–running a virtual business is fucking rough sometimes. There are so many things on your plate at any given time. The stack, pile, interlock and sometimes make it feel like you will never get a break. But a lot of times–that overwhelm of the day to day makes us feel like we can’t step away–like […]

Neurodivergent Entrepreneur Life: 4 Concepts that may change how you run your biz

Neurodivergent Entrepreneur and Brand Strategist Molly Hicks looks out a window in Omaha, Nebraska wearing a yellow sweater and pink converse

Shit fucking happens–and we’re just along for the ride. The unnecessary pressure placed on each and every one of us to be MORE than what we are in that specific moment is unrealistic. And that is doubly (or more) so for neurodivergent entrepreneurs. Ignorant biz experts with no understanding of the complexities of neurodivergent life […]

How to prep for a rebrand

Have you ever looked at your insta feed or website and wondered how the hell did your brand become synonymous with whatever the hell **waves at branding**  this is? Everytime you look at it–it feels off. Something isn’t quite right and you need to know why. You’ve heard the term “brand refresh” thrown around all […]

Brand Strategist or Biz Coach: What’s the forking difference?

Molly Hicks, Brand strategist on Google Meet Call with perspective business owner needing help with biz strategy

When you start a business–it typically starts with the same three thing: Inspiration, passion, and drive. Those things can take you pretty far in your new business journey. It can build a site on SquareSpace or Wix, build a T-shirt shop on Shopify with the help of Printful or Printify, or it can get you […]

The top 5 things you need to know about brand identity.

Molly Hicks, brand strategist and graphic designer

My brand identity is often over simplified into two things, fonts and colors. When we simplify a brand down to those two things, we are missing so much of the science of business, the logic. All the beauty and creativity that happens in order to have a brand that actually serves a purpose and that […]

There is No Single Answer on Why Your Biz Isn’t Working.

There’s a growing issue in the business world as more and more entrepreneurs join the self made club; and that is believing everything can be fixed with one task, one mission, one workflow, one funnel. And honestly, that’s not how it fucking works — there is NO single answer. Everything we do as humans, is […]