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Visual Branding for your Podcast: Is it really that important?!

So you’re starting a podcast, friend, I am so proud of you! That’s a big undertaking. Believe me I know, because I not only help other people just like you launch their podcasts with the help of my podcast expert buddies at Podcast Power Academy, but I’m launching my own podcast in September of ... READ the POST

Your business has a workflow, and you probably didn’t even know it!

Let me guess, you’ve been hearing people talk about “workflows” and “systems” and your googling and pinteresting led you down a rabbit hole of uncertainty that left you feeling like you’re getting ahead of yourself. And honestly, when it comes to systems and workflows, one of the most common things ... READ the POST

Let’s commit to making 2021 one killer year, you ready?

Well, I can finally say that 2020 is behind me.  Holy hell balls, that year was...well...something.  there really are no words to describe what we experienced as a planet.  There were ups and downs, and everything in between. But as I weigh the lovely and the ugly, amongst it all I ... READ the POST

The Contract Shop is my #1 Biz Source for all things legal

Just so you know, this post contains affiliate links for products on The Contract Shop Website. That just means I really like this their products + services and want to share it with you! I never will link to something I don't use myself.

When you first launch your biz you are all about the creative side of things. Painting, sewing, designing doesn’t matter it’s your passion and you love it.  Your first clients were probably your closest friends and family. Now let’s not even talk about how much money you made because let’s be ... READ the POST