Person with short brown hair, mustard linen overalls, and white tshirt holding a white plate with a buttery flakey croissant on top, inside a small local bakery is smiling after learning that their business is like a croissant according to Molly Hicks Brand Strategist.

Your Business is a Croissant

Okay, Okay, hear me out here – I know it might be weird to think of your business as a bakery product, but I swear I’m heading somewhere good. Most people think of their business as a stationary, flat thing. I mean, business plans are built on paper, it can be easy to think of your business as something flat on paper. But in all reality, your business is not only 3D in it’s conception, but has so many buttery, flaky layers. Your business is a croissant, full of layers that somehow have to fit together.

Here’s My Product, Love It!

The main concept of business that people seem to think will work is to just create a business, present a product, and people will immediately buy it and love it. Unfortunately it’s not that easy. There isn’t just one thing that you have to do to make your business a success. There isn’t just one pathway and that’s the end of their story – and it’s honestly bull💩 to think that.

We’re Not Robots

In the perfect world, your one sales funnel would be perfect. It would attract your ideal clients who would follow your sales funnel to a T, and they would make the sale and TADA, all done. That means no one would ever deviate. No one would ever leave an abandoned cart. AND no one would ever need more explanation because you already covered all the bases that they need.

But We are Human

Being human means that different people are going to find you different ways, want to know different things, click through different paths. We’re going to forget we put something in our cart and got distracted by that pet or kid that needed something urgently (or that our brain just meandered to something else that felt more important at the time). We each are living our own path and no one is going to fit your “ideal client avatar” perfectly. And that’s why just one sales funnel is never going to make your business as successful as it could be.

This Is Where The Croissant Comes In

What happens when you make a croissant? There is a beautiful layering technique that is happening. You are rolling out the dough, adding a layer of butter, folding the dough, rolling these layers out and repeating, right? And you do this until the dough is intricately layered with delicious butter. This is a process called lamination, and it’s what is going to get your end product, the croissant, to have all those delicious layers that just peel apart perfectly with all the crispy, flakey goodness.

Okay – Tell Me the First Steps of My Croissant

We never know exactly where our clients are going to come from, or where they are going to spend the most time. This is exactly why the beginning of our sales funnel needs layers. It needs multiple options for people to be introduced to us. Some people might land right on your website, that’s always a possibility. But there are also those who might start with consuming whatever social media presence you have put out there – your tiktoks, your IG posts, your activity in FB groups. Everywhere that you hang out (which I want to remind you, DOES NOT have to be everywhere!!) needs to be considered a starting point of your sales funnel. 

If you only have one starting point, you have a Danish, not a Croissant.

Having only one starting point (say just your website), means that you are only baking with one layer of dough, no lamination. And while it might still be a decently good business, it’s no croissant.

You need more than one starting point. Not so many that you spread yourself thin, but you really should let people consume your content in different ways. You can have blog posts, or Youtube Videos, TikToks, and IG grid posts. A newsletter or daily stories that get in front of your audience on a regular basis. These are all touch points that are important to start building a relationship with your potential clients or customers.

Let’s Layer Your Business

Okay – now for the homework part of the blog post. 😜 Where do YOU like to hang out frequently? These are usually the best spots to start adding in your funnel layers. You already know that YOU like to be there. That YOU like to consume this type of content, so how about you add to the content! Then, you need to think through what your ideal clients NEED from you to be able to step forward with your service/product. Do they need a blog post of ideas on how to use your product? Do they need a video flip through to see what your product can do for them?

Think through the various stages that people need to go through before they can finally hit buy on your product. What is going to seal the deal for them? What would seal the deal for you?

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