Personality in Writing: 3 Easy Tips on How to Add Your Personality into Your Copywriting

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Hey there, friend! I’m Tristyn Sipsy, of Sipsy Ink. And I’m super pumped to be taking over the Molly Hicks blog to share some of my faaave tips for writing copy and content for your brand!

So, buckle up, buttercup.
Because here we go! 

Whether you’re writing a new email to send out to your email list… 

Or DIYing your website copy

Or even just writing up a new caption to go with that freakin’ awesome new Canva graphic you made for the ‘gram…

You’re gonna spend time writing for your brand. 

But here’s what so many people run into when they try to do that. They get stuck sounding like one of those uber-professional, stuffy, too-corporate-sounding robots. 

That’s not you, though! In your real life, you’re alive with personality. And there’s so much power in allowing yourself to be yourself in your business!

So how do you add that personality in writing?  

I’m giving you my top 3 tips to help you do just that!

Personality in Writing Copy is Important Because…

It humanizes you

You don’t sound like a robot or a wet dishrag in real life, why are you gonna let your written copy or content sound like that?

Adding personality in writing for your brand is a major part of showing up as your authentic self!

It builds a connection with your readers

Most of the time people love finding others in their own tribe or community. The ones who have similar interests 

The ones who make you say “damn, I wanna have a drink with that person and just shoot the shit.” 

A gif of Will Ferrell from Step Brothers saying, “did we just become best friends?”

Believe it or not – you don’t have to spend time on the phone talking to someone to do that.

That’s what packin’ your personality into your writing does for you and your business! 

When you nail that, you’ll have clients saying “omg, you sound exactly like how I thought you would after I read your website!”

It makes you less boring

Oooh, I’m gonna hit you with the tough love on this one.

But when you write all stuffy like you used to in those corporate emails … man, nothin’ makes your readers’ eyes glaze over more.

A gif of Simon Cowell bored to tears with his mouth open and eyes blinking to stay awake during America’s Got Talent

Packing your copy with your own personality lights a fire in them. 

It’ll have them feeling like they can’t get enough of what you’re saying! 

They’ll stick around longer…

They’ll want to read your next blog post…

They’ll want to open your next email…

They’ll be adding you to their favorites list on Instagram.

So how do you load up your copy with your personality like Texas Roadhouse loads up them good ol’ baked potatoes?

Tip 01 for Adding Your Personality in Writing for Your Brand: Literally say out loud what you want to write. 

A gif of Michael Scott from The Office saying “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going

Get a voice recorder. Open up your voice memo app. Or even get on Google docs and hit the voice- to-text button. 

And start talkin’. 

Just talk! you can go back and edit things like the ‘ums, and ahs’ later. 

But when you literally record what you want to say? You sound more natural. You sound like yourself. You sound like you would if you went to the bar and ordered a spicy margarita on the rocks. 

Btw – that’s also a good idea. Just get yourself your favorite drink and go to town if you want some help loosening up a bit. You can always edit later! 

Doin’ this is also a great way to stay consistent! 

Sometimes, when we write, we ebb and flow outta certain tones. It’s so easy to do! 

But recording yourself say what you want to say can help you sound the same every time you try to add personality in writing for your brand.

Tip 02 for Adding Your Personality in Writing for Your Brand: Be like Han Solo 

A gif of Han Solo saying “I take orders from just one person. ME.” in Star Wars.

Get a little rebellious in your copy and content! 

Ditch those rules that have been engraaaained in your mind. 

  • You can start sentences with “and,” “but,” “or,” and “so.” 

Wanna know why? Because you do in real life when you’re talking. So why not when you’re writing?

  • Use contractions instead of always spellin’ shit out. 

Because only in certain situations do people actually say “do not” or “cannot” or “that is” or whatever else. We’re usually combining words left and right! 

  • Get to know your quirks. How do you say things? And what do you always say? 

For example, I’m a southern gal. and I alwaaays say things like “gal” or “ain’t” or “fixin’ to” in real life. So you betcha ass, I’mma say it in my copy, too! 

So what are things you always say in your real life? Start takin’ note! And then add that personality in writing for your brand.

  • Add. your. punctuation. everywhere! 

It’s a great way to add emphasis the way you normally would when you speak! 

  • Put actions into asterisks. like *high-five!* or *waves excitedly* or *slides into chat room* 

That’s a fun way to get your reader to see something in their mind. Like they can totally see you waving excitedly at them from across the room! 

These rules that were forced into your brain? Get rid of ‘em! (or at least most of ‘em.) They ain’t doin’ you any favors! 

Tip 03 for Adding Your Personality in Writing for Your Brand: Mesh with your ideal reader

A Venn Diagram showing two circles with “their brand personality” on the left and “your personality” on the right. An arrow with “your brand personality goes here” points to the middle of the diagram.

Okay, this one’s fun. 😂 

Here’s the thing. While it’s fun to get rebellious and write exactly the way we want – we do have to remember we’re trying to serve our ideal reader here, right? 

So your personality in writing for your brand should kind of mesh with your ideal reader. Because that’s the key! We want to connect with them in a way they’re gonna love! 

Now your personality is robust. And there’s not a whole way to fit your entire personality in writing and have it coincide with your brand messaging and have it mesh with your ideal client. 

So, what do ya do? 

You gotta get to know your reader. Find out the parts of you and them that overlap. Chat with them in your comments and your DMs on the ‘gram. Get a conversation going over email from your email list! 

  • Do they love those spicy margaritas like you do? 
  • Do they love sci-fi movies like you do?
  • Do they know all the latest pop culture references like you do? 

Where do the two of your overlap? Once you find that out – that’s the part of your personality to focus on in your copy and content! 

Here’s an example. My favorite type of client is quirky, upbeat, and cheeky! So I always try to write in a way that matches the same vibe. 

Now, I have my days where I want to be low-key, slower, and less energetic. (Hey-oh! INFJ over here.) 

But I don’t write that way for my brand – because that’s not going to attract my super ideal reader. 

Take this with a grain of salt, okay? Because you can be you without having to be an identical match to your reader. 

But choose certain parts – like adding references to things you know you both like. Or staying consistent in your brand’s tone because it matches their brand’s tone. 

Choose certain parts that let you draw a connection with them so they do say, “Oh yeah – that’s someone I’d hang out with in a heartbeat.”  

Adding that personality in writing for your brand is easier said than done, I know it. 

But hopefully, using these tips will help you feel more comfortable in doing so! 

Because once you nail that down – you’ll notice you get raving replies to your content and copy from your readers. 

People love finding someone they can relate to! And weaving your shining personality into your copy is one of the best ways to forge that relationship. 

Jess from New Girl saying, “big personality over here,” while pointing at herself.

Need some more copywriting and blog writing tips for your brand? I’m your gal! Check out the Sipsy Ink blog where I chat about all things copywriting, content marketing, blog writing, and SEO!

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