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These four words are holding you back from growing your business – “..but if I just…”

Having worked with entrepreneurs across every genre of business (I shit you not– sexuality coaches and shamans to inclusivity media for kids and ice cream–you name it, I’ve helped!) there is something that every  business owner struggles with and that is perfectionism. Perfectionism seeps into our brains and latches on to our imposter syndrome–tells us unspeakable lies that prevent us from moving forward and leave us saying–”..but if I just”.  

If you’re opening up this blog for the first time–I’m gonna key you in on the underlying theme–I am a forking nerd. I soak up all things sci-fi and fantasy from Star Wars and Star Trek to Battlestar Galactica and Harry Potter. Today, it’s a Star Wars lesson day– so, bear with me as we head on over to Dagobah to learn how to move past what’s holding you back from growing your business.

What happens when perfectionism meets imposter syndrome?

You are dreaming up big ideas that need to be brought into reality. Living in your head isn’t doing anyone any good. So you start to flesh it out, you start to right copy, you start to do so many things–until you start to look at it all and realize it isn’t exactly what you envisioned. You start to tell yourself things like– 

  • “…but if I just would take the time to design a new website” 
  • “…but if I just sit down and focus I could build the whole course”
  • “…but if I just tweak this email it will be perfect”
  • …but if I just
  • …but if I just
  • …but if I just

They start adding up and before you know it you have discouraged yourself so much that you are avoiding building your dream entirely. You might have an accountability team but they say things like…”why don’t you try to set a schedule”, “why don’t you try to write just one caption”

There is no try.

It’s like Master Yoda says, “Do or do not. There is no try.” You can sit there and “try” to achieve your ultra high standards of what you wanted to build–OR you could just put the imperfect item out into the world. By letting your perfectionism win, and “trying” to make it perfect–which is impossible–you are keeping the world from knowing how you can help them. You are throwing away all the effort you put into the project up to this point–which is probably surpassing hundreds of hours if we include thinking, and worrying about how it will turn out.

If you just do it. Put it out into the world it exists in. Your efforts were not in vain. You did the thing–how fucking-amazing is that! That imperfect thing that you made WILL help people–because they now can find it, and see how amazing it is. Yes, you’ll want to improve and change things as time progresses. But now you can do so with feedback from real humans–not the fears and anxieties living in your head.

Use the force (of accountability).

Time and time again, my clients ask for one thing when it comes to–Accountability. They want a sounding board of reason, a kick in the ass to keep them moving, and a hard ass to tell them they are telling themselves horrible lies. ALLLL of those things are accountability and when we are combating perfectionism and imposter syndrome–accountability is the only solution. It’s a fucking force to be reckoned with. There is NO lying to yourself when you have people to call your bluff. If you are trying to do this biz thing all on your own–don’t.  Here are some solutions to accountability to help you along.

Biz Buddies

Do you have a person you turn to for help in growing your business? Maybe you have a friend or neighbor who loves hearing about your entrepreneurial journey? That is you biz bud. It’s time to turn to them and tell them what you need. Be clear and tell them that you need their help being accountable and together outline ways you could use some accountability. I’m sure they would love to help, and frankly could probably use some accountability themselves. 

Rising Tide Society

A volunteer based global organization–The Rising Tide Society believes an empowered creative economy will change the world. By elevating the voices of small business owners, sharing their stories, and building a thriving online and offline community, they can support creative entrepreneurs in their pursuit of a sustainable livelihood and growing your business. 

Each month, locals chapters meetup virtually for what they call Tuesdays Together. I am actually the leader for our local Lincoln, NE Chapter(which you are welcome to join!) if you aren’t in Lincoln, you can find your local Tuesdays Together chapter here.

One-on-One Biz Coaching

Sometimes you need a little extra support to really make things happen, and hiring a business coach can help! Finding the right business coach for you is very important as every single coach has their own approach to making things happen. For example, I am a business coach, but with a strategic emphasis and a nerdy flare. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea! Need help finding a business coach that fits you and your business? Reach out for some suggestions.

Make Shit Happen Hour

Looking for consistent accountability while growing your business that brings a little more than “just” mindset work? Then you may want to check out my Make Shit Happen Hour. This premium membership has a lot to offer entrepreneurs still in the DIY business stages while still providing individualized strategy, and accountability.


Did you have a little mind blowing moment reading this post? Are you ready to stop trying, start doing, and move past the four little words holding you back from growing you biz? We’d love to hear your stories! Share your lessons learned on social media @themollyhicks OR comment below. We read every post and comment because we love seeing you grow, now go Make Shit Happen!

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