Watch how I customize Dubsado for Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs with this sneak peak into my personal dubsado account!

Dubsado for Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs

Ever wonder how you get an email from me in the middle of the night after submitting an inquiry, or scheduling a discovery call? Well it all comes down to Dubsado. It’s the reason I can work when I’m in the bathtub, at the beach or even hunting Pokémon with my little. Now if you’ve been stalking me for a while, then you know that I talk about Dubsado a lot–but I get this question a lot. Is Dubsado for neurodivergent entrepreneurs? It makes sense, I mean so many of us neurodivergent folx have a love hate relationship with change, automations and structure. So investigating Dubsado probably hasn’t entirely been on your priority list.

Well, back in February 2022 I partnered with Dubsado to host a special webinar on how I have optimized Dubsado for neurodivergent entrepreneurs by showing you a behind-the-scenes sneak at my own Dubsado Account. If you’ve been on the fence about what kind of customer relationship management software you want to use, then take a peak and see why I believe that Dubsado is a beast that’s totally worth taming–even as a neurodivergent entrepreneurs.

If this all sounds great–but the thought of learning, mapping out, and setting up Dubsado sends you spiraling to the ben and jerry’s–reach out! I offer done-with-you AND done-for-you client experience packages. That means you and I get to figure out what YOU and create a system that works for you–not try and fit you into another box.

Let me skip to the good part...

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