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The Canva Template Curse: The brand that never was.

Have you ever been scrolling on social media and thought? I feel like I’ve seent his graphic before? Or maybe you skipped right over a post because everything about it seemed like “been there, seen that”.  That may have been the case…but the more likely culprit? The Canva Template Curse. 

Canva is a huge help to entrepreneurs who don’t come from graphic design backgrounds and can really help with making digital marketing accessible. For that reason, Canva is a huge plus to the solopreneur world. But when entrepreneurs forget to make sure that the canva templates are tweaked enough to make sure their OWN brand is front and center is where the canva template curse spreads. So now I ask you…are your ideal clients falling victim to the Canva Template curse and scrolling over your amazing valuable content? The content that will help them solve their biggest struggles?

Keep reading to better understand HOW this curse works and what to do to prevent it from happening to your ideal clients!

You’ve got about half a second…

There is so much content getting funnelled into the internet every. Single. Day. and if you’re not careful, your content will be over looked. You see in digital marketing you only have about half a second to catch the eye of your ideal client. So if your assets and templates look the same as the other brands this ideal client is seeing, you won’t stand out and are overlooked. Insert the Canva Template Curse. Everyone is using the same graphics and layouts, causing potential clients to subconsciously skip content that may be valuable to them, because they think they’ve already seen it.

Take a look at this example of the canva template curse and our solution

This is a super generic example with a default canva template, but I wanted to show you what’s possible with a starting block and some inspiration. 

To avoid looking like everyone else you have to get creative and experiment. If graphic design doesn’t come easy to you that’s ok, Canva does give you some great tools at the click of a button to make these tweaks easy.

This is a free canva template that is available for everyone to use. It’s not super fancy or anything, but it gets the job done.


Now, if all you do is change the colors and fonts, you will look like this.

Now it may be matching your brand, but  it’s still the same recognizable canva template. So what can we do to change that? 

By adjusting letter spacing, emphasizing specific text with size and color changes, and moving objects around and switching the background texture, we were able to break from the cookie cutter mold in just a few minutes without starting with a blank template.

If just these little changes are giving you a panic attack, that’s ok too! My team as well as tons of graphic designers across the globe are here to help you! We can build custom templates that are unique to your brand so that you can be confident that the images you are putting out into the world are perfectly aligned with your brand and attracting your ideal customers!

Let me skip to the good part...

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