Neutrality in Business is a myth

Neutrality in Business: MYTH BUSTED!

Your brand isn’t just a cold mechanic money making business with no heart. I mean do you make money? I certainly hope so, but it’s MORE than a money maker. It’s a small business filled with passion and values that are represented is a representation of what you want to put out into the world. It’s an extension of YOU. And that my friend, is why neutrality in business is totally bullshit!

You see neutrality in business is a big fat archaic lie that has been pushed and pushed and pushed. But I’m here to tell you it’s the furthest from reality you can get. From tiny cake shops to Big Corporations it is extremely evident that every. Single. Business is influenced by their political and spiritual beliefs. So, no. Neutrality in business doesn’t exist… and over the next 5 minute read I’m gonna break down why neutrality in your biz is a 100% busted myth!

Consumer choice is subjective AF.

If you’ve ever talked to me in person, or watched me do a live, it’s probably very apparent that I’m a SUPER expressive person. So, when I hear entrepreneurs say they like to keep politics and spirituality out of business, my face contorts ?? and then I swiftly proceed to leap onto my soapbox. Because whether intentional or not….we ALL use our morals and political beliefs to make decisions in our business. 

And here’s the kicker…The scales of RIGHT vs. WRONG are fucking subjective. 

What you believe as a consumer directly relates to the companies you support. If you pick local small businesses over big box stores because you like to foster growth in your community. That’s using your personal beliefs to make a consumer choice. Do you purchase non-GMO products over GMOs because you believe they are a healthier choice for your family? That’s another example of using your beliefs to make a consumer choice.  The choice you make for you and your family may not be the same as mine and vice versa.

What may seem like a minor influence to you may have a HUGE impact on a decision that I would make. And when we are talking about things like soy milk vs almond milk vs. oat milk the differences seem like no big deal. It’s subjective right?!  But what if the topic ISN’T so nominal. What if your consumer choice is based on whether a company values your existence or not? 

BIG companies push what they believe in and at times it is spiritually motivated. Case and point Burwell v. Hobby Lobby or Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Personally, I find both these examples as a negative way to utilize spiritual influence and I don’t shop at that craft store because of it.  But in the eyes of these two businesses they don’t see it that way. Subject AF right!?! 

Niching Down = Focusing on your Morals

Ok, I think you can now see how subjective business really is and how every action a business takes can influence a consumer’s decision. And when we niche down our businesses we are using our personal morals and political motivations to find our people.

Now, let me be clear, discriminating against a specific group of people for having different values is WRONG.  And that is not what I am saying you should do. What I am saying is that consumers support companies run by like-minded people. Embrace who you are and your people will find you.

  • Are you all about all things woo woo from crystals to tarot and embrace a spiritual belief in energy and the universe? 
  • Are you exposing the patriarchy as an archaic piece of shit that needs to go? 
  • Are you doing your part to fight systemic racism? 
  • Are you constantly explaining to people why mental health is as vital to our health as physical health?
  • Are you teaching people how to be inclusive and not discriminate just because they have a different lived experience?


Your ideal client is looking for you to tell them these things. They want to tell them that you think like they do, that you believe in what they believe. When you focus on talking about who YOU are and what YOU believe you start to connect with the people you’ve been wanting to connect with the whole time.

Be YOU. Period.

Ok, I think I’ve been on my very opinionated soap box long enough, but I want to leave you with this. When you show up as an authentic person, and stop hiding parts of yourself that you think people don’t want to see, you will finally find that passion that you crave. When we show up authentically in our brands our passion fuels it’s prosperity.

Fuck Neutral. Be radically YOU!

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