The Contract Shop is my #1 Biz Source for all things legal

When you first launch your biz you are all about the creative side of things. Painting, sewing, designing doesn’t matter it’s your passion and you love it.  Your first clients were probably your closest friends and family. Now let’s not even talk about how much money you made because let’s be real, you probably paid them in the end! Everyone loves your products and you start growing and expanding your biz.  There is just this one little thing…. now that your biz has grown, you’re realizing there is this whole new business-y side to your biz. And it’s intimidating.

You may have had a few custom orders up to this point and didn’t stress not having a contract. (Hopefully, all went well! ?)  But if facebook business groups have taught you anything you, you know that it’s only a matter of time before you need that contract to protect you. But it’s not like we are all lawyers with creative businesses!  So where do you go? How do you get started?

Well, my friend let me tell you about my #1 source for all things contracts, The Contract Shop! This place is my go to source for all things legal templates and courses.  Christina really knows her stuff and as a creative herself, her templates are born from experience not guessing.  

Feeling this may be too good to be true?  Here are my top 3 reasons I love the contract shop!

No legalese! Simple wordings yes, please!

Christina and her team realize the vast majority of creatives (and or clients) don’t understand all the legal mumbo jumbo.  I mean who want’s to sign a legally binding contract that they can’t understand? So the team at The Contract Shop has made all the contracts super simple to read and understand.  Complex portions of the contract are understandable and even have example scenarios to help you better understand when it would apply.  I know my clients appreciate that my contracts are easy for them to understand. It makes them feel like I am not trying to sneak something in.

Easy to use Templates for every business model

Whether you run a photography biz in the UK or you’re a DJ master based in Lincoln, NE there is a contract template specific to your biz type.  The Shop even bundles certain complimentary bundles to help you save money on the items you need to make your biz airtight!  They even have things like terms and conditions templates for your website. ( Totally suggest adding this to your cart!)  The Contract shop does offer bundles, which will help you save some moolah! 

Contract Bundle for Graphic & Web Designers from The Contract Shop
Contract Bundle for Photographers from The Contract Shop
Contract Bundle for Coaches from The Contract Shop

The templates can be easily copied and pasted into your preferred client management tool (if you don’t have one, check out my resources page for ideas) or digital signature software.  The parts of the document that you need to edit are highlighted so you don’t miss anything important.  My favorite thing to do is use the find and replace function (available in both G Suite and Word) to quickly edit repetitive items.  Sections that only apply in certain scenarios, are marked and tell you exactly what to keep and remove. Easy Peasy.

Contract Updates and training are included!

I have a GDRP compliant contract template, and I love that I get updated templates straight to my inbox!  This means I can spend more time with my clients and less time googling legal updates.  

When you purchase a contract you also gain access to  K Club Basic, which is a training course all about how to use your template!  It goes over how to edit, update and understand everything within your templates.

How to save some moolah at The Contract Shop!

I get it, investing in your future biz can be bank draining, But if you like to hunt for good deals then, these to major sales are just the ticket! 

Every year the contract shop does 2 major sales: Black Friday and Memorial Day. Contract templates get up to 50% off plus bundles and courses are 30% off or more!  That’s a lot of savings on an investment that you know will help your biz in the long run.

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