Overscheduling: Why 40 Hours Never Feels Like Enough

Drowning in lists. Head spinning with tasks for your business, for your kids, for your home. You’re trying to figure out how to balance 40 hours at work, getting some good sleep while still spending enough time with your family AND keeping up with all the adult tasks of maintaining

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Watch how I customize Dubsado for Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs with this sneak peak into my personal dubsado account!

Dubsado for Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs

Ever wonder how you get an email from me in the middle of the night after submitting an inquiry, or scheduling a discovery call? Well it all comes down to Dubsado. It’s the reason I can work when I’m in the bathtub, at the beach or even hunting Pokémon with

The Molly Hicks || Embrace Your Inner Nerd: Being Yourself in Business

Embrace Your Inner Nerd: Being Yourself in Business

Our businesses are an extension of ourselves. This makes it critically important that we show up in a way that is in line with who we are as a person. That we are comfortable being ourselves in our business. So what does that mean? That means your values, your morals,

Riding the Dopamine Wave--How to build ideas beyond your daydreams || The Molly Hicks

Riding the Dopamine Wave–How to build ideas beyond your daydreams

When the dopamine is high those amazing super awesome biz ideas start flying–amiright. Whether it’s daydreaming while cooking risotto–damn that takes a lot of time 🙄–folding laundry, or driving down the road–don’t judge, you know it’s true– the daydreams come and the brain gets flooded with all the biz ideas.

Hustle Mentality: The reason your passion for business is dwindling

Hustle Mentality: The reason your passion for business is dwindling

Recently while doing hashtag research I was scrolling through some “top” **eyeroll** business hashtags and whew–the messaging was intense and toxic as hell. The message at the heart of it all was the same–hustle mentality.  Their messages screamed things like: stop being “selfish” and work harder, you’re aren’t doing enough,

Working Mom Life: A Guide to Making it Easier

Working Mom Life: A Guide to Making It Easier

When it comes to running a business full time, being a mom, and being a partner in a relationship, there are a lot of hats, a lot of stress, and never enough time in the day. Being a working mom isn’t the easiest thing in the world. I have done some

The Molly Hicks || Which Came First, The Client or The Program? || Why you need to know your ideal client first.

Which Came First, the Ideal Client or the Program?

So you’re ready to move from one on one services to a one to many philosophy. And you dreamed up this big, beautiful program filled with modules, courses, and group coaching, or whatever floats your fancy. But when it comes time to sell this, if you haven’t thought about your


Authenticity in business is the answer. Always.

As an entrepreneur you are constantly bombarded with shoulds, musts and “you’ve got to’s…” on a daily basis from everywhere. Other entrepreneurs, your partner, even your friends–the “advice” just never seems to end. But let’s have a little honest talk for a moment about authenticity in business. You see, the

Authenticity in business

The Canva Template Curse: The brand that never was.

Have you ever been scrolling on social media and thought? I feel like I’ve seent his graphic before? Or maybe you skipped right over a post because everything about it seemed like “been there, seen that”.  That may have been the case…but the more likely culprit? The Canva Template Curse. 

Neutrality in Business is a myth

Neutrality in Business: MYTH BUSTED!

Your brand isn’t just a cold mechanic money making business with no heart. I mean do you make money? I certainly hope so, but it’s MORE than a money maker. It’s a small business filled with passion and values that are represented is a representation of what you want to

Molly Hicks | Brand Strategist + Designer sitting at her Omen Laptop at Cultiva Coffee in Lincoln, NE laughing

Let’s commit to making 2021 one killer year, you ready?

Well, I can finally say that 2020 is behind me.  Holy hell balls, that year was…well…something.  there really are no words to describe what we experienced as a planet.  There were ups and downs, and everything in between. But as I weigh the lovely and the ugly, amongst it all


The Contract Shop is my #1 Biz Source for all things legal

When you first launch your biz you are all about the creative side of things. Painting, sewing, designing doesn’t matter it’s your passion and you love it.  Your first clients were probably your closest friends and family. Now let’s not even talk about how much money you made because let’s


Client Management System: Dubsado–The only choice for me

Before starting my business, I was in the corporate realm (and before that the US Air Force) specializing in workflow and program development. All that gobledy gook essentially means I would make step by step processes to help departments run more smoothly. In other words improve the client experience. So,


Convertkit: The best email marketing system for my brain AND my biz

Email marketing means you need software–which can be tricky for a lot of creatives. These email marketing systems practically require you to be tech-savvy and not all entrepreneurs falls in that boat. So having an intuitive email marketing system that actually works the way you think can be an epic biz changer. After