Let's get those ideas out of your head and into the world.

From strategy and project planning to design and implementation.

(see? Unicorns do exist.)

Square pegs like you and I don’t fit into perfectly round holes. Let’s stop trying to force it.

Your goals and ambitions are big, but some days the obstacles seem even bigger.No two days feel the same and you never quite know what kind of mindfuckery life is going to throw your way.

If you’re like most neurodivergent entrepreneurs I know (myself included), being a business owner can feel lonely, especially when the strategies and marketing tactics that appear to be working for everyone else, simply don’t work for you.

You’ve probably already hired a couple coaches or contractors who didn’t quite work out as planned or invested in the wrong program a few times. We’ve all been there.

But at this stage in your business and your life, you’re done with following the status quo and saying yes to strategies and marketing tactics that just don’t feel right. The mask is finally coming off (perhaps literally and figuratively, in these strange pandemic times). You’re finally beginning to know, love and accept yourself exactly as you are and you don’t have time to waste on some cookie-cutter formulas that make absolutely zero sense for you.

Guess what?

When I started caring less about following the so-called rules, I started making more.

As a neurodivergent entrepreneur running two businesses, I know the struggle to make shit happen is real. In the past 12 months, we finished building a house, I launched The Make Shit Happen program, and I’ve served more clients than ever before.

Did I mention I’m a mom to a Pokemon-hunting 5-year-old who thinks catching and evolving Eevees is an emergency? Oh also, all three people in this house (yes, that includes me) are Neurodivergent with opposite sensory needs.


there’s no way I could do it alone — and neither should you.

behind every badass are more badasses,

From Oprah and Michelle Obama to the Notorious RBG

We rise to our highest selves by seeking out others who can lift us up. I may be short, but I’ve got really strong arms (and a bigass ladder).

“I immediately clicked with Molly. As soon as I spoke to her, I knew she was the right person for me. I was also so excited that she immediately understood my offerings, voice and esthetic and was so easily able to convert that into a beautiful website that everyone says is “so me.”
“I consider myself a visionary, and Molly’s ability to think strategically and technically is something I don’t have. She’s able to get on the phone and problem solve with me and for me really well. She allows me to dream big and shows me a path to actually being successful in the different ways I want to grow.”
“She was so excellent with me, very patient, and extremely good at asking me the right questions in order to develop a new logo and website that fit me.”

Are you ready to up your game and let me and my team of badasses give you a boost?

I help you uplevel your business by:

Getting crystal clear on your biggest goals and projects

Creating a plan with clear milestones to help you hit your deadline (and keep you on track with monthly calls)

Implementing the nitty gritty details to make sure it looks beautiful and actually works the way it’s supposed to

who am I?

The name’s Molly. Molly Hicks.

I'm a...

I'm also a...

proud nerd alert

When I was 8, my dad got Microsoft Office. I taught myself Excel and Access because I wanted to have a database of all of my toys. Why, you ask? Because when I played grocery store, I wasn’t effing around. When you made your fake purchase I gave you a real printed invoice…and made you sign it.

Was I the coolest kid in class? No. But look at me now, fifth grade arch nemesis.

The point is...

I've always been interested in understanding how things work, and I've always been a left-brained meets right-brained conundrum. You know those Magic Eye pictures from back in the day? The kind you’d stare at until an image became clear? That’s kind of how I see, well…everything.

Whether you’re …

Ready to kick your lead generation into high gear and boost your monthly revenue

Finally ready to uplevel your client experience

Creating an evergreen course or membership from scratch

Looking for plug-and-play social media graphic templates or full-service management

Ready for a new logo and website

In need of a full a Dubsado setup

Officially ready to have a legit workflow

In need of a brand audit to make sure everything is consistent and fill in any gaps

In need of an automated funnel

Ready for a new logo and website

Not sure how to attract your ideal client

Just so overwhelmed and not sure WTF to do next to meet your goals

I have the knowledge, and systems in place to get the behind-the-scenes stuff so you don’t have to. We’ll work in our zone of genius, so you stay firmly planted in yours.

fun facts about moi.

Good Humans Only Policy

As an queer business owner and a mom to a tiny human who I’m raising to be a force for good, I’m a fierce advocate for equality and representation. I strive to help more underrepresented entrepreneurs kick ass and make more money without compromising their values.

I stand with Black Lives Matter and will not tolerate any kind of hate speech or denial of systemic racism in both my business and my personal life. That includes words or actions that are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, derogatory, tone policing, microaggressions, or bullying.

I will shut that shit down real quick.

I know I’ll make mistakes on my journey to allyship, but I also know I’ll be 100% willing to own up to and learn from those mistakes.

We practice ethical, consensual marketing and these are the only kinds of strategies we will ever recommend to our clients.

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, let’s chat

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Meet the team


Social Media Superstar

Zone of Genius: Creating social media graphics and writing captions. This batching badass loves settling into hery desk and prepping a whole month at a time!

Herstory: A college blogger turned wife blogger, turned infertility blogger, turned mommy blogger, turned Virtual Assistant biz owner and podcast host (her podcast is called “Work-at-Home Boss Mama”)

Latest Netflix binge: Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, Doctor Who

Animal House: Sabra and her high school sweetheart hubby have 5 pets: Fox Bentley (a 65-pound Catahoula/corgi mix), Chino the chinchilla, Odette the cat,Ashe Elizabeth, a white heeler, and Peanut, the quarter horse.

On her vision board: Having a successful Bookstagram AND owning an acreage with mini horses, goats, chickens, and as many dogs and cats as she can convince my husband to let her bring into the house