Helping Neurodivergent Business owners finally create a brand they can be passionate about. By building the necessary processes and systems that actually make sense with their neruospicy brain.

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Your brain is one of a kind. Your business strategy should be too.

You’ve tried all the cookie-cutter strategies, invested in all the programs, and followed the “guru” advice, but your business feels less like you and more like a copy-paste Frankenstein. Your to-do list is as long as Repunzel's hair--but your neurospicy brain has other plans....

The temptation to go down another rabbit hole is fierce, but you’re not sure which one will actually pay off. You’ve got so many tabs open, literally and figuratively, you’ve forgotten why you built this business in the first place.

🚨 Popsicle Mode Alert!

Avoid--or thaw out from--popsicle mode, and move forward with baby steps. This Prepping for Your Dubsado Setup Reflection Workbook, gets you started with 4 simple concepts that are vital to any Dubsado Setup. Grab your copy and get prepared for your Dubsado Setup!

Learning in Lincoln (Nebraska)

I may not be a huge Big Red fan (okay, okay--I don't follow sports at all) but I am super passionate about helping the business owers in Lincoln feel confident in their business. Throughout the year I will be hosting classes, masterclass covering important business basics. These zero judgement on where you are and how your biz looks behind the scenes classes are meant to help you make big changes, find a way forward, and grow (however that looks for you.)

make a difference in your business--claim a seat at the next workshop!

Profitable Pricing

Stop pulling pricing out of your ass, and learn the basics of how to strategically Price your offerings.

Finding Your Ideal Client

Marketing to everyone will get you no where--but marketing to your ideal people is a different story.

Content Planning

There's no need to get frozen with content creation overwhelm--well as long as you have a plan.

No matter what your business goals--you've found a place (and that human) to walk along side you, help you navigate and even take on some of that heavy lifting. So if you've been thinking about...

You have a million and one amazing ideas, and thousands of rabbit holes of projects waiting for you to finally have time to hyperfocus. But there are too many holes with more behind that, and you already have a bunch of "must" dos in progress.

So wouldn't be great to get someone else to take on all that executive function burden and help you prioritize that tasks that tackle what's most important to you?

“Molly helped me prioritize what needed to get done to better support my business and bring in more revenue.She cuts through the bullshit, gets straight to the problem, and offers solutions based on what works for ME and my brain."
“Molly has been an excellent addition to my business in terms of keeping me on track, making sure I meet my deadlines, and making sure all the systems are functioning and working together behind the scenes.”
“I told Molly I wanted to create a new course. She created the project plan, gave me my deadlines, and made the content I created beautiful and functional. Three months later, it was live."

What once felt exciting is quickly spiraling into overwhelm and you feel your brain slowly heading into shut-down mode. What’s wrong with me? you wonder. What seems to be working for everyone else clearly isn’t working for me.

But imagine if you had a business that worked with your brain, not against it. Imagine if you had a another neurodivergent human on your side that really understood you and your business, versus some guru who’s trying to make you fit some mold.

Ready to stop caring about what everyone else is doing and start zero-ing in on your entrepreneurial superpower?

Business Clarity + Strategy

You’re overwhelmed AF and questioning whether you should burn it all down. Together, we’ll get clear on where you should focus your time, energy, and brainpower, so you can unfuck your business and fall back in love with it.

Graphic + Web Design Services

These days anyone can make pretty Canva graphics and moodboards. But you’re not looking for something that’s just aesthetically pleasing. You want scroll-stopping, intentional design that helps your differentiators stand out and draws your ideal client in.

Systems Setup + Lead Generation

A clear process is the key to higher profits, more productive days, and a customer experience that guarantees repeat business and referrals. From Dubsado setup to building lead-generation funnels, consider us your Tech Hero, sent to help things run like clockwork behind the scenes.

Graphic that says, "Make Shit Happen Hour" To emphasise the title, the I has a shit emoji instead of a dot.

looking for more...

That's what the Make Shit Happen membership is all about.

Did someone say podcast?

Join me and my co-host Angela Locashio (mostly) every Tuesday at 10am Central for our latest episode of Drudgery and Dreams! The podcast for neurodivergent weirdos and queers (often both) who--forget about struggling to adult–are struggling to human. OR AT LEAST THAT'S WHAT EVERYONE'S SAYING...

Oh hey, I’m Molly.

The founder and mastermind behind this whole thang. From tackling top-secret missions in the Air Force to helping neurodivergent entrepreneurs design systems and strategies that make sense to their brain, I’ve cracked the code to making BIG things happen for small businesses and solopreneurs.

My secret? Giving fewer fucks about what the experts say I *should* be doing and leaning hard into being unapologetically me.

Alone, getting from Point A to Z feels overwhelming. Together, we’ll make you unstoppable.